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Administration & General Support

Supporting the administrative tasks of the Trust, including data input, counting donations, welcoming service users and much more. This could be at our offices in St. Michael's Hospice, St. Leonards or at our Therapy Centre in Sidley, Bexhill. 

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Currently there are no volunteering opportunities.

Admin Volunteer, Sheila shares her story:
“My sister had breast cancer and received support from an organisation in her local area. I felt I wanted to support Sara Lee Trust in their work, so once retired with time to spare I wanted to use it to give back to others. I volunteer 4 hours a week assisting with welcoming clients and assist with the Trust admin.”

Gardening Volunteer, Chris shares his story:
"When I was given the opportunity to design a garden for the therapy centre, my aim was to create a haven of relaxation based on all-year colour, scent, and texture.  Thanks to the generosity of many organisations, the garden is now abundant with plants. Please take a few minutes when you’re here to sit and relax in the natural environment the garden provides. Service users may request to take flowers and produce home."

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I have supported The Sara Lee Trust for many years now, and the work they do to support people at a time of great need is so important.

Jo Brand - Sara Lee Trust Patron

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