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We are always looking for confident friendly people willing to support the aims and values of the Trust with good communication and interpersonal skills. Any skills are appreciated, although we are keen to hear from people with the following:

  • Medical and/or Therapy background
  • Experience in retail
  • Experience of fundraising and the charitable sector

Current Volunteering Opportunities

If you would like to join our team, please contact our Chief Executive, Dan Redsull

Trustee, Annie shares her story:
"As a local complementary therapist, Qigong and Yoga teacher I knew about the work of the Sara Lee Trust. When my sister, Joanne was diagnosed with cancer she took full advantage of the therapies, counselling and days of space and peace offered by the Trust. Even now, years after her death, words cannot express the depth of the level of the support she received, and what a difference it made to her life and to her death. Becoming a Trustee connects me to her, allows me to give a little something back and sends a message to all those people who have helped, from the person in the street who buys a raffle ticket to the therapists, founders, fund raisers and managers, that their work is truly and deeply significant and appreciated."

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I don't have a strong support network or family, so this has made me feel cared about and supported emotionally and spiritually

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