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Therapists at the Sara Lee Trust

We want you to get the most from your visits to us, to really relax and allow yourself time. As well as ensuring that the therapy rooms are cosy and comfortable we want you to be assured that our therapy team is made up of highly skilled, qualified and experienced practitioners. The Trust has always set high standards, and after a comprehensive recruitment procedure will only recruit therapists we believe understand the aims and objectives of the Trust and will be able to support you professionally with sensitivity and care. Just having a certificate isn't enough.

All of our therapists belong to professional bodies relating to their particular therapy. Not only will they have completed a recognised course, they will also have to undertake yearly study to keep their professional status and maintain their insurance. Each professional body sets out a code of conduct and each therapist will work to and be accountable to these.  Any one interested in volunteering as a therapist will need to meet the same high standards and go through a recruitment process.


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