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If you or somebody you have cared for have used the services of the Trust you could become a member of the Trustís Service User Group and contribute to the development of our services. 

The Service User Group is, currently, a small group of friendly people and we would like to see new members joining the Group. To be a member you need to have either used any of the services that the Sara Lee Trust provides or be a family member/carer of someone who has used the services. The Group meets every two months for one and half hours.

The group has been involved in, amongst other things:

  • The planning of our Therapy Centre in Sidley, along with the services it provides
  • Giving feedback to the Trust on experiences of the services
  • Developing new ideas to help the Trust

Sometimes there are papers to read ahead of the meetings but this does not involve a large amount of time. Although the Group is often dealing with serious matters there is always a lot of laughter too, not to mention the tea and biscuits.

For more information or if you would like to join the Group, please contact Kerry Evans, Services Manager, on 01424 456608 or email

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The Sara Lee Trust provides an invaluable service to our breast patients. It¬ís amazing that I am able to refer patients for a variety of complementary therapies. We know what a difference this can make when struggling to cope with the side effects of treatment and beyond. The counselling service is also a lifeline for some patients and the feedback we receive is always positive. We would genuinely struggle to access counselling with the volume of patients who are in need through the NHS in a timely manner. 

Juliette Twyman - ESHT Macmillan Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist

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