Sara Lee Trust

The Therapists working within the Sara Lee Trust pledge to:

  • Use their knowledge and experience in the best interest of each and every patient referred to them.
  • Work closely with all members of the multi-disciplinary team and any other persons who may be involved permanently or from time to time in the treatment and wellbeing of individual patients in their care.
  • Apply their therapies in harmony with the patientís wishes and aspirations.
  • In conjunction with other practitioners seek to provide a truly holistic approach to supporting every patient by choosing the therapy most likely to improve well being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
  • Respect the trust put in them by patients and treat with confidentiality any information imparted to them by patients in the context of their professional relationship with individual patients.
  • Ensure they follow recent research and keep their knowledge up to date by undertaking study as appropriate.
  • Promote the development of best practices in the use of complementary therapies for patients who use our services.
  • Be guided by the codes of practice of their respective professional bodies in delivering all the above.
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