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Find out more about Shiatsu 

Written by Therapist Gabriella Agular. 

Shiatsu, meaning finger pressure, is an ancient Japanese healing art, still relatively unknown here, and a little difficult to define because it draws from so many different sources and disciplines, from Chinese Medicine and the Acupuncture map, to Zen Theory. The background and foundations of Shiatsu are to be found not only in ancient wisdom but also in the most advanced Western studies especially the branch of Medicine called PNI Psychoneuroimmunology. a long and difficult word which describes the powerful relationship between the emotions and the body, the psychology and the physiology of our beings.

How Shiatsu works

Through the power of touch we contact "Ki" or the energy life flow and help restore "balance".
We work using our palms, fingers, elbows and knees applying pressure on specific Meridian Lines. We also use techniques such as rotations, joint mobilisations, and stretches.
Shiatsu is offered fully clothed either on a futon mat on the floor, or on a table, or in a chair according to the receivers needs. Empowering the client is a very important aspect of the Shiatsu experience and on a practical level, whenever appropriate, the encouragement for suitable exercises, diet and life style changes will be an ongoing opportunity for the client to take on an active role.

What patients have had to say about Shiatsu

Brain tumour and stroke patient
"It's been great for my mobility and the vast fluid retention on the "dead" leg has enormously improved! I can walk better and the sessions were very releasing!!! I would like more" ~ D.E.
Breast cancer patient
"I feel so much better, less anxious and more positive. My body is less stiff and the treatments have helped me to let go and energized me" ~ G.B.
Breast cancer patient
"It's difficult to describe!! There is a change. I feel happier and calmer. All I wanted was to look at myself differently and feeling stronger. It's happening" ~ U.K.
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I found your service invaluable, professional and caring. My biggest issue was fear about having cancer and my future prognosis. Counselling and shiatsu helped me focus that fear into positive energy

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