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We understand that getting to our therapy rooms may be difficult, so we have developed a home visiting service to ensure that all those who are assessed as needing complementary therapy at home, are able to do so. We call this our Community Therapy Service. Being able to offer a therapy in people's homes we believe is of tremendous benefit both to you the patient, and your partners/carers. Being able to leave someone peacefully resting in their own home is an aspect of our service that is special and enables many more people to benefit emotionally, physically and spiritually.

When your health care professional makes a referral they will tell us if you require a visit at home. We will also discuss this with you. The home visits are designed just for those who are physically, due to their illness, unable to visit the therapy rooms. We understand you may if given the choice wish to be seen at home but as we only have a small amount of hours for home visits we need to ensure these are allocated appropriately.

Download our Referral Form and Home Visit Needs/Risk Assessment Form

Trich’s story

“I was diagnosed with MND last year, and find the visits from The Sara Lee Trust Community Therapist invaluable. Visits are made entirely according to the need of the client. In the case of Motor Neurone Disease, there is no treatment. It is a progressive, aggressive, terminal disease which leaves me constantly tired. Both myself and other sufferers have benefited from aromatherapy massage, a non-invasive treatment offered in the home, obviating the need for tiring journeys to other centres. Thus I can have a relaxing, calming treatment on my own terms and at times convenient to me. Often people have never experienced the power of touch and aromatherapy can trigger emotional healing and offer a chance to talk to a sensitive, caring non-family member about very difficult situations. I am indebted to The Sara Lee Trust for offering me this service. Without it, I am quite sure I would have deteriorated quicker than I have and being able to see a therapist in my home enables me to access a service which would otherwise not be available because of my disability.”~ Trich Bowman

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I found your service invaluable, professional and caring. My biggest issue was fear about having cancer and my future prognosis. Counselling and shiatsu helped me focus that fear into positive energy

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