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Sanctuary Days

These days take place once a month at venues in rural Sussex, and provide an opportunity for relaxation,
group support and personal reflection to people living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Each Sanctuary Day is a little different, being tailored to the needs of the individuals attending. Most people take advantage of the complementary therapies on offer and benefit from the company and support of fellow participants. Some attendees enjoy creative activities or a little gentle exercise in the garden, many make use of the natural surroundings for personal reflection and relaxation. Any activities offered are entirely optional and require no particular skill.

Participant Feedback

Sanctuary Days are perhaps best described by the people who have attended them, and a recent participant described her experience as follows:

“My day is filled with complete fulfilment from beginning to end. You are made to feel so at ease, as soon as you enter a warm welcome is given and refreshments. Our host introduces our therapists, we receive a choice of complementary therapies, carried out by extremely professional staff in private rooms. Support is always available by way of group or private counselling.

We are all allowed to be free from our stresses and receive the indulgent delights offered and, importantly, do whatever we feel comfortable doing, even if it means having a sleep! Fatigue being a major player where I am concerned, a quiet area is provided for this. We can release our anxieties, worries and feelings to each other which is so liberating. This is such a release as you often keep things to yourself as telling close family or friends may not feel right for you. The importance of the day brings us together with nature so beautifully. A splendid lunch is provided, all very healthy and so inviting, I have a food allergy and this is taken into account giving me no worries with what I will be eating.As a group we have a choice of being together to talk to one another or finding a quiet resting area which is provided if we just want peace and quiet in the idyllic surroundings of nature. We all find peace here. We may not have had it when we arrived but we all go home with it.”


The day is run by experienced facilitators who are available throughout the day should you require support or wish to talk in private. 


Our Sanctuary Day therapists are highly qualified and experienced, and offer a range of complementary therapies including aromatherapy massage, reflexology and shiatsu. Therapies are offered in a warm, quiet room or, when the weather permits, participants can receive a gentle session outside in the sunshine or under the shade of a tree.


If you require transport please contact the office on 01424 456608 and we will do our best to arrange this for you.

Dietary Requirements

A vegetarian lunch is provided and special diets can be catered for.

Booking a Place

Sanctuary Days are limited to eight participants. Please contact the office on 01424 456608 to find out the dates of forthcoming Sanctuary Days.
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