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China, Pottery & Glass Replacement Service

Do you collect a particular make and design of vintage or modern china, pottery or glass?

If you do, we may have something you can add to your collection or replace an item that has been broken.

To find out what we have available, please visit our shop at 61 Western Road, Bexhill or call the store on 01424 733338. The shop is open Monday to Saturday, 10am till 5pm.

We are also looking for donations of any pre-loved vintage or modern china, pottery or glassware. Whether its a full tea set, part set, odd cups/plates, wine glasses, vases or just a teapot lid please donate it to us. All profits from your
donation will help the Trust to help others in the local area.

Items can be taken to any of our Shops in Hastings and Bexhill.

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Sanctuary days are a real pick me up day. The group therapy is great because it is an opportunity to meet others in a similar circumstance and how they are dealing with side effects, family life and life in general

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