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Service User Charter

Our policy is to support and protect the fundamental human, civil and legal rights of patients and their families. There is equal access to our services regardless of the patient/family member’s age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith, social class, disability or other special needs. In recognition of personal dignity and autonomy, we will provide privacy, consideration and respect in the treatment of patients and their carers. 


  • Be able to access our services within the guidelines of the referral criteria
  • Be treated with consideration, respect and full recognition of your individuality and the need for privacy and dignity
  • Receive an explanation by an appropriate member of the Therapy Team about any therapy that is being proposed, so that you can give informed consent
  • Be told the benefits and effects you may have from any therapy you receive
  • Refuse any therapy if you so wish
  • Be given the opportunity to participate in the planning of your therapy sessions
  • Be assured that, in accordance with Data Protection act and NHS requirements, records made regarding you and your family will be maintained in strict confidence, within the constraints of the multi-professional team care plan. More detail about how we use your personal information is in our ‘Fair Processing Notice’, available on our website. We can provide you with a copy of this, if required.
  • Contact the Lead Therapist if you wish to have access to your therapy records
  • Be assured that Therapists who care for you are qualified through education, training and experience to perform the therapies for which they are responsible
  • Be informed of all the services provided by Sara Lee Trust
  • Express your feelings and emotions in your own way
  • Have your beliefs respected


  • Treat all our Team Members with courtesy and respect
  • Give notice wherever possible if you need to cancel an appointment
  • Do not smoke while the Therapist is with you in your home
  • Secure your pets while the Therapist is in your home
  • Tell us if you cannot understand an explanation, and ask questions for clarification
  • Tell us if you have any suggestions that might help us improve our service

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Sanctuary days are a real pick me up day. The group therapy is great because it is an opportunity to meet others in a similar circumstance and how they are dealing with side effects, family life and life in general

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