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Sue's Volunteering Story

Sue's Volunteering Story

"The Sara Lee Trust has been an important ‘thread’ in my life for a number of years. I had wanted to do some sort of local voluntary work since retiring and settling in East Sussex in 2004 and was first attracted to the Trust because both my parents had died from cancer in the 1960s, a time when there was no thought of complementary therapy to help them. I was also impressed by the friendly and committed team of volunteers and became involved in a number of fund-raising activities. I also regularly drove patients attending therapy days and half-days,organised at that time at Penhurst and Powdermill Woods, which was an excellent way to get to know the area, as it was new to me.As events changed in my life, so my contributions to the trust also had tochange, but I always maintained contact and now am able to give more time to help, so I now have a weekly morning serving in the Ore shop,which I enjoy much more than I thought I would! I have also rejoined the Fundraising Group, who are always on a quest for ideas to raise money to support the Trust and I help in the office occasionally too.

I have met many good friends throughout the time I have been involved with the Sara Lee Trust. To anyone who has a bit of time to spare and is wanting to put this time to good use, I would say, ‘Give it a go – I’m sure you will enjoy it!’"

If you are interested in volunteering for the Trust, please see our Volunteer page for full details on the exciting voluntary opportunities available across charity retail, fundraising, services and administration.

Every aspect of the services and people I have dealt with have just been amazing. My only regret is that I didn't use Sara Lee trust at an early stage, as I feel it would of helped my mental state

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