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Cathy's Story

Cathy's Story

"I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2015. I had to undergo a major operation called a whipple to remove the tumour followed by 6 months of chemotherapy. I was so sick after the operation and this continued into the chemo. The oncologist was concerned at the severity of the sickness and was going to stop the chemotherapy. I was scared and wanted to finish the course. It was suggested to me by a friend to try acupuncture, I spoke to the Macmillan nurse about it and he referred me to the Sara Lee Trust. I had the appointment for acupuncture and after just one session the sickness improved so with regular treatments I was able to finish my chemotherapy treatment. Kerry from Sara Lee kept in contact with me and asked if I would like to attend a Sanctuary Day, I was a little apprehensive but accepted the kind invite. I was so glad I did. I was picked up by a lovely lady and after a short journey we arrived at a beautiful place in Brede. The whole day was like a huge hug. When I got home my spirits felt lifted, my body and soul soothed by the day's activities. I felt less guilty about the awful ordeal I had released onto my family by bringing in the dreaded C. Just over 2 years later I remain disease free and although not back 100% I wanted to give back to the Trust. I am now a volunteer at the Sara Lee Trust Charity shop in Silverhill. I enjoy my time helping in the shop. Sara Lee Trust you are amazing!"

Every aspect of the services and people I have dealt with have just been amazing. My only regret is that I didn't use Sara Lee trust at an early stage, as I feel it would of helped my mental state

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