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Gaby Hardwicke Supports The Trust

Gaby Hardwicke Supports The Trust

The Sara Lee Trust and Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors are pleased to announce a new partnership, working together to help provide legal and will writing services to supporters of The Sara Lee Trust.

Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors provides a trusted and quality legal service including will writing and family law. Anyone quoting The Sara Lee Trust will receive a fast tracked referral to a fully qualified solicitor who will be able to help with all of their legal needs. Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors has offices across East Sussex and can visit clients at home or in another location by arrangement. Call 01424 735000 or email to enquire.

The Sara Lee Trust and Gaby Hardwicke will work together to ensure that they are able to provide access to sensitive and caring legal support and assistance. Kerry Evans, Service Manager at the Sara Lee Trust said, “In our experience we have come across people under our care who need legal advice or support. This new local partnership means quality legal services will be much easier to access for many of our supporters and service users.”

David Getty, Managing Partner for Gaby Hardwicke, said, “We’re delighted to continue our support for the wonderful work carried out by The Sara Lee Trust. We’ve been closely associated with the charity for many years, our former senior partner John Midgley having assisted in its creation. So many of our clients and staff have benefitted from its services we’re happy to do anything we can to help”.

The Sara Lee Trust welcomes all gifts made in wills, but using this service puts clients under no obligation whatsoever. Any gift left to The Sara Lee Trust in a will makes a lasting difference to local people who are affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses; ensuring that they will continue to receive the free counselling and complementary therapy care they need into the future. 

To find out more about how your gift can help, or to receive a copy of our free Wills Guide, please call Katie Jones on 01424 457969 or email

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