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Supporting A Record Number of Local People

Supporting A Record Number of Local People

The Sara Lee Trust has supported a record number of local people affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses in the last year.

Since May 2018, the Trust has helped over 820 people by providing free specialist counselling, complementary therapy care, and group therapeutic activities to patients, their families, loved ones and carers; helping them to feel more able to cope with the impact of a life threatening illness and its treatment.

This would not have been possible without the generous support of the local community and businesses. This includes the ongoing commitment of St Leonard’s Motors Group and Enterprise Car Hire, who this week presented a joint donation of £3,351 to the Trust, bringing their total contributions to over £19,000 in 3 years. In the same period, the number of local people who have received free high quality care from The Sara Lee Trust has increased by 60%

The Sara Lee Trust’s specialist counselling gives patients the time and space to share their often difficult thoughts and feelings safely. Complementary therapies provide a respite from pain to allow patients to relax and enhance their wellbeing. Group activities provided by the Trust help people who might feel alone in their illness to make new friendships and support others in a similar situation.
One patient said, “The NHS may have cured my cancer, but The Sara Lee Trust has healed my mind”.

Despite the increased care provided in the local community, many more local people who are affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses still cannot access the Trust’s services. If you or your business would like to support The Sara Lee Trust, you can contact Katie Jones on 01424 457969.

The Trust would like to thank everyone who has supported its services over the last year, including its valued business partners such as St Leonards Motors Group and Enterprise Car Hire.

The Sara Lee Trust is a much needed service for patients who have a medical condition which is severely impacting on their lives. The service is invaluable for providing patients with supportive care either through complementary therapies or counselling, when they are struggling to cope with their situation. Not only is it a great support for the patients but this also extends to family members who are often just as stressed if not more so than the patient.

Karen Angel - ESHT Macmillan Specialist Dietitian

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