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Club announces Trust as charity of the year

Club announces Trust as charity of the year

The Sara Lee Trust has received a boost in the form of support from the St Leonards Rotary Club.

Newly appointed President of the St Leonards Rotary Club, Darryl Johnston, has chosen The Sara Lee Trust as the Club’s charity of the year after experiencing first-hand the Trust’s services.

Darryl’s wife, Stella was diagnosed with cancer and received aromatherapy massage from the Trust before sadly passing away last year. She was well known in the local community, having worked at Helenswood Academy for many years and was one of the top Spanish teachers in the country. 

Darryl, Club President said: “I now appreciate the immense value of the Trust’s work after my wife and I received some fantastic support from them. With this in mind my aim is to raise funds for The Sara Lee Trust and spread the word that no-one needs to be alone when dealing with a life threatening illness.”

The Rotary Club has already raised nearly £500 for the Trust and they intend to continue supporting the charity for the next year.

Last year the St Leonards Rotary Club raised over £12,000 for local charities through a variety of events, such as the popular annual Cycle Challenge in Hastings. For more information, you can visit the St Leonards Rotary Club's website.

Every aspect of the services and people I have dealt with have just been amazing. My only regret is that I didn't use the Sara Lee Trust at an early stage, as I feel it would of helped my mental state

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