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St Leonards Motors Group Raises £20,000

St Leonards Motors Group Raises £20,000

St Leonards Motors Group (SLM) has raised an amazing £20,726 in three years in support of The Sara Lee Trust, a local charity helping people affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

For every car sold at a St Leonards Motors Group showroom in St Leonards, Uckfield and Tunbridge Wells, £1 is donated to The Sara Lee Trust to provide specialist counselling, complementary therapy care and therapeutic group activities.

Director Gus Wakeford said, “This amazing donation has helped a fantastic 200 patients that use the Sara Lee Trust and SLM are exceptionally happy to have helped so many members of our community.

“The Sara Lee Trust is a charity which SLM have supported for a number of years and we are pleased to have made an impact in so many people's lives. We would like to thank our staff for working so hard to sell our vehicles and help raise this remarkable amount for the trust. We would also like to thank our loyal customers for helping us reach this goal and coming back to our dedicated family business, time and time again.

“It wouldn't have been possible to raise such an impactful amount without all your help.”

Service user Jo Moore says, “Once again St Leonards Motors Group have shown their level of ‘drive’ – alongside their commitment and dedication to The Sara Lee Trust. Now even more people in the local area can benefit from it. Thank you so much SLM – you truly are amazing!”

St Leonards Motors Group will also be bringing some fabulous cars to The Sara Lee Trust’s Christmas Fair on Saturday 30 November at The Hastings Centre. Come along from 1pm to find out more.

Thank you for being there The Sara Lee Trust. You truly were, and still are, a hand to hold during such a difficult time of my life!

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