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Celebrating 21 years of caring for local people

This year, the Trust is celebrating 21 years of supporting local people affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses through the provision of psychological and therapeutic support.

To celebrate, we are asking our supporters to download our 'I Love' template and write down why they love the Trust. You can then take a photo of yourself holding your ‘I Love’ sign and share it with us. 

Please share your message with us by uploading your photo to our Facebook page or you can email your picture to

We recommend using a marker pen when writing your reason, so that it is clearly visible. If you don’t know what to write, you can download our ‘I Heart’ sign instead.

If you would rather support the Trust by raising funds, you can download our 21 Fundraising Ideas sheet. 

If you have any questions, please email Nikki or call the fundraising team on 01424 457969.

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Acupuncture helped pain and the dreadful sickness I had during my chemo. I really found chemo hard, I cannot express enough how much this service helped me

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