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Leaving a gift in your Will

Help us care for future generations by leaving us a gift in your will

Much of our vital work has been made possible thanks to the generosity and kindness of people like you remembering us in their Will.

Legacy spotlight

The transformational gift of Nicholas Turquand Young
Nicholas Turquand Young was the first cousin of Jeremy Lee, (father of Sara Lee and co-founder of The Sara Lee Trust Charity). Nicholas had a very conventional childhood and was expected on leaving school to go into an accountancy firm, which he did. He lasted 6 months and told his father that it wasn’t for him. His father gave him £500 and told him that he was now on his own. Just after the war, £500 was a substantial sum and with it Nicholas purchased a greengrocer’s shop in London. The shop flourished, but Nicholas had his eye on other things. On a visit to America he had been intrigued by the sight of juke boxes which seemed to be in every café and bar he visited. When he came home, he applied for an import licence to bring the first juke box into the UK. He leased them out to pubs and cafés all across London and eventually amassed a fortune of £12 million from his original £500 – most of which was left to charities after his death.The Sara Lee Trust was fortunate to receive a legacy gift of £1.1 million from Nicholas’s estate which has transformed the future of the Trust. Thanks to his generous bequest, long term income from a small local property portfolio will help the charity become more sustainable.This precious gift has also allowed the Trust to acquire and refurbish a building in Sidley: the Sara Lee Trust Therapy Centre is a hugely important development that will boost our ability to provide more care for more people in need of our servicesWe are incredibly grateful for Nicholas’s generous gift and his commitment to supporting people affected by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

The number of people affected by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses across Hastings & Rother is extremely high. In some parts of the region mortality rates from cancer are 45% higher than national average whilst life expectancy is over 10 years less.

The Sara Lee Trust is here to provide essential counselling support and therapy care to those many people whose daily lives have been impacted by life-threatening or terminal illness.

We also provide essential care and support to the patients of St Michael’s Hospice and the Rye, Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital as their dedicated provider of counselling and therapy care; a role that we have delivered for over 21 years for St Michael’s Hospice and 10 years for the Rye Memorial Hospital.

The Trust is the only provider of these services in the region and all our services are provided free of charge. Our care helps our patients in a number of ways providing:
  • Increased mobility, self-confidence, autonomy
  • Improved communication, well-being
  • Reduced stress and depression, pain and symptoms, isolation
Our experienced therapists help people live through their illness, retain their independence, overcome challenges and manage their daily lives.

Cancer is not going away: your legacy gift will mean that we can continue to support and care for those affected by life-threatening diseases both now and for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to help others.

Help with writing a Will

Writing a Will is something people often put off; over 60% of adults do not have a valid Will. The whole process can seem daunting but it doesn’t need to be. A Will is one of the most important documents you'll ever write. It's the only way to secure your support for the people and causes you care about. Making or refreshing your current Will is easier and costs a lot less than you'd think. Being prepared before you visit a Will writing professional is the key to saving you time and money.

Download our free Will Guide

You can download our Will guide which is full of useful information on making and / or amending your Will. 

Solicitor Directory

The Trust does not recommend any particular firm of solicitors but local lists can be accessed through google searches below:

Thank you

If you’ve already remembered The Sara Lee Trust in your Will or intend doing so, thank you. It would be very helpful if you could let us know. Your support will help someone (or some people) living locally affected by cancer or another life threatening illness face the future with a firm helping hand from the Trust.

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Sanctuary days are a real pick me up day. The group therapy is great because it is an opportunity to meet others in a similar circumstance and how they are dealing with side effects, family life and life in general

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