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Volunteers are at the centre of all that we do, whether that is representing the Trust in the community, raising money to fund our services, or delivering our care.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:


We can provide:
- Training in retail customer service, manual handling, and health & safety
- Relevant workplace experience which can be added to your CV
- A flexible working environment no big time commitment needed
- A fantastic cause and service to support

For more details, pop into your nearest Sara Lee Trust shop or call 01424 272 358

Service provision:

  • Volunteer Counsellor 

For more details, please call 01424 456 608

Fundraising & Office Team:

For more details, please call 01424 457 969

Volunteering with the Trust will give you the opportunity to meet new people, build confidence and develop new skills. You will also make a difference to the lives of others. 

If you are interested in one the roles above, please download our Volunteer Application Form

If you have other skills that you think may benefit the Trust, please let us know by contacting 01424 456 608.

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My counsellor has supported me wonderfully well through some very challenging weeks with the death of my father along with a deteriorating terminal cancer condition. The opportunity to 'talk' has been so helpful and I always return home with new positive thoughts or reflections prompted because of his skills and patience listening to me. Thanks so much. I approached The Sara Lee Trust to get help for my father who is in total denial about his terminal lung cancer. However I ended up having the therapy to learn to cope with my father. The jigsaw of my life is complete now and I cannot thank you enough.

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