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Current Volunteers

Whether you've just joined us or have been volunteering with us for a while, we have a range of resources to support you to get the most out of your role.

Welcome and Induction

Our welcome and induction process covers everything you need to know about volunteering with The Sara Lee Trust.

Whether you're volunteering at a one-off event or something longer-term our guidance will ensure you will always be safe and legally compliant when supporting the work of Trust.

Our welcome and induction process will inform you:
  • what we do and who we help
  • the support on offer to volunteers
  • the policies and practicalities of volunteering
For questions or feedback please email

Here are some of the documents and resources that will be used to support your induction and volunteering support for the Trust.

General welcome and induction




Training and Development

Volunteer support is critical to the work of the Trust. We want to make sure that you feel valued, happy and confident enough to carry out your role. So, in addition to your induction, we offer a range of opportunities for you to learn more about the Trust and to develop your skills.

Current learning opportunities and their benefits include:

Data Protection
We are committed to the highest levels of data protection. We've developed a training module to help you understand how to work with data, so that together we can offer confidential and robust support for people affected by life threatening disease.

Manual Handling
Understanding the basic principles of safe manual handling in the workplace is an essential part of our induction and ongoing training programme. It is essential that all team members are aware of the risks involved in manual handling (including moving and lifting) and the precautions that should be taken.

Find out about other training opportunities

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee meets every 2 months on a Friday am between 11 and 12.30 at St Michael's Hospice, with volunteers from all aspects of the Trust.

The committee shapes the support we offer to Volunteers and looks at Volunteer engagement.

Anyone interested in joining, please contact

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