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Sara Lee believed that anyone affected by cancer or other life threatening illness should be able to easily access counselling and complementary therapy care for free. Sara was lucky to be able to afford this type of care when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer in the 1990s. She benefitted greatly from the care she received, and despite her illness she knew that others werenít so fortunate, and wanted to help.

The Sara Lee Trust was established in 1996, after Saraís death at the age of 32, to help the people of Hastings and Rother receive the high quality care that made such a difference to Sara when she needed it most.

Since then, the Trust has helped more than 7,000 people through delivering specialist counselling, therapies and group activities specifically designed to work alongside medical treatments for cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Join us this Saturday 29th August for Saraís Day on what would have been Sara Leeís birthday, to celebrate Saraís vision and how The Sara Lee Trust continues to support local people.

Visit any of our shops, where there will be special mini celebrations, and beautiful window displays, to find out more about Sara, and how you can help support The Trust.

Why not hold your Afternoon Tea for Sara Lee on Saturday and raise funds to help The Trust support local people affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses? Donít forget to take advantage of some local discounts.

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I have supported The Sara Lee Trust for many years now, and the work they do to support people at a time of great need is so important.

Jo Brand - Sara Lee Trust Patron

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