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We provide complementary therapies, counselling, and therapeutic group activities, all free of charge, on referral by a health care professional. 

Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

A life-threatening illness can affect your life in many ways, including how you see yourself, relate to others, feel about life and think about the future. Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help support you through this process. Family members and carers can also benefit from the opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings when a loved one has a life-threatening diagnosis. For more information, you can download our leaflets on Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) by clicking on the links below.


Complementary Therapies

Our complementary therapies work alongside medical care to offer relief from symptoms and the side effects of cancer and other treatments. They provide an experience of relaxation and relief for patients whose day to day life can be dominated by medical treatment, pain and suffering, and who may be experiencing fatigue, breathlessness, insomnia, anxiety, tension and nausea. For more information about our complementary therapies, please click on the links below.



Therapeutic Group Activities

Our various therapeutic group activities are designed to help people develop tools and learn skills to help support them live with and through a life-threatening illness. At the same time they are meeting with others in similar positions and can benefit from the opportunity to listen to experiences that resonate with their own. All of our groups are taught or facilitated by experienced professionals. For more information about our group activities, please click on the links below.




Information and Support Events

Our programme of events provides information and opportunities for discussion on areas of relevance to people affected by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. For more information and our list of upcoming sessions, please click on the link below.

To find out more about our services, please contact our office on 01424 456608 or email For information about our referral process, please see our Eligibility & Referrals page. 

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The Sara Lee Trust provides an invaluable service to our breast patients. ItÂ’s amazing that I am able to refer patients for a variety of complementary therapies. We know what a difference this can make when struggling to cope with the side effects of treatment and beyond. The counselling service is also a lifeline for some patients and the feedback we receive is always positive. We would genuinely struggle to access counselling with the volume of patients who are in need through the NHS in a timely manner. 

Juliette Twyman - ESHT Macmillan Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist

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