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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Updated 3rd June 2020

This update reflects the latest government’s announcements regarding COVID-19 made up to the 1st June 2020).

Over the last week the government has set out its plans for relaxing the national rules and restrictions currently in place as well as providing a central framework to guide a nationwide phased return to work. Helpful information about the rules, regulations and restrictions that will continue to be applied to keep us all as safe as possible through these difficult times has also been made available.

We are currently working on the plans for a staged return to work with the engagement and involvement of key stakeholders. In summary terms the timelines set out below provide an aspirational guide for our plans:

Mid to late June

Limited community fundraising activities

Early to mid July

Limited charity retail activities

August onwards

Wider scope of charity retail activities

Additional specific \ limited services

Developments will be cascaded through our regular website and social media updates.


We are continuing to offer a range of remote based services for patients to access online or over the phone. Support available includes counselling, group yoga (beginner and maintenance classes), mindfulness and carer support.

To find out more including how to be referred please contact us on 07721 560374 or email

Support activities

In the coming weeks, some of our fundraising and support activities will be able to start up again. These provide critical sources of income that directly fund our therapy care and counselling services.

The week of the 1st to 7th June is national volunteer week. On behalf of the Trust, our CEO Dan Redsull gives his thanks and appreciation for our wonderful volunteers:

“National Volunteer week is a really important period in the national calendar, it provides a time for people, groups and organisations to say thank you to the millions across the country who so generously give their time, skills and expertise to help and support others. It also provides a time to reflect, to think of the impact of that collective support, and where we would be if it were not given.

For The Sara Lee Trust, the impact of our volunteer team is incredible. We would simply not be able to what we do without them. The Trust cares for over 900 people affected by life threatening illness every year. Our volunteers enable us to do this.

Thank you for making a difference, a heart-warming and important difference.”

How You Can Help

There are so many ways you can help to support The Trust. Here are just a few:

· Do you have a story you’d like to share about your experiences as a supporter, volunteer or service user? with the subject line “Sara Lee and Me”

· Give as you shop online, with no cost to you, by signing up to Easyfundraising or Amazon Smile

· Calling all crafters – do you make and sell online? You could offer a 10% donation to The Trust for any items you sell. Alternatively, you can get in touch to take part in a facemask-making project with others.

We will continue to provide periodic updates for all stakeholders via our website and social media.

With all best wishes,

The Sara Lee Trust Team

How to help limit the spread of the Virus
We cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of hand washing on a regular basis, such as after you blow your nose, cough or sneeze or before you eat or handle food, as well as sanitising your hands if there are no hand washing facilities available. Also, to remember to ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ in the event of any common cold symptoms.

What guidance is available from the NHS?

NHS Advice

NHS 111 Online - general advice and symptom checker

What advice is there from the UK Government?

UK Government advice

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