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The Sara Lee Trust is a much needed service for patients who have a medical condition which is severely impacting on their lives. The service is invaluable for providing patients with supportive care either through complementary therapies or counselling, when they are struggling to cope with their situation. Not only is it a great support for the patients but this also extends to family members who are often just as stressed if not more so than the patient.

Karen Angel - ESHT Macmillan Specialist Dietitian

Stories from the Trust

AngelaÂ’s Story

Angela’s Story

The last three months since the start of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown have been very tough times for many. Our service users – some of the people most vulnerable to both the virus itself and the effects of lockdown ...
What Does Your Role Mean To You?

What Does Your Role Mean To You?

Amanda, Lead Therapist for the Trust tells us what helping someone with a life threatening illness means to her. ...
Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Updated 9th September 2020This update reflects the latest government announcements regarding COVID-19 made up to the 9th September 2020. Trust Services Faced with the unprecedented challenges presented by ...
Virtual Quiz Night - Tuesday 27th October

Virtual Quiz Night - Tuesday 27th October

Join Quiz Master, Rick Hough for a spooky quiz in the comfort of your own homeThe pandemic has had a major impact on The Sara Lee Trust, but by taking part in our Virtual Halloween Quiz you can help the Trust provide a t...
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