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The opportunity to 'talk' has been so helpful and I always return home with new positive thoughts. The jigsaw of my life is complete now and I cannot thank you enough.

Stories from the Trust

AngelaÂ’s Story

Angela’s Story

The last three months since the start of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown have been very tough times for many. Our service users – some of the people most vulnerable to both the virus itself and the effects of lockdown ...
Helpful Mindfulness Tips

Helpful Mindfulness Tips

Mindfulness meditation can be a hugely helpful resource in these challenging times. Here are some of our suggested tips to help you:MorningIt maybe tempting on waking to turn on the television or radio but notice how thi...
Coronavirus Support Appeal

Coronavirus Support Appeal

During the current crisis, many people still desperately need our support, now more than ever since most have been instructed to self-isolate.While we have taken the decision to protect our patients by suspending all fac...
Host an Afternoon Tea for Sara Lee

Host an Afternoon Tea for Sara Lee

Host your own Afternoon Tea for The Sara Lee Trust and help support local people this summer. Warm summer days are here at last and The Sara Lee Trust are inviting supporters to host their own Afternoon Tea, virtuall...
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